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Fastening elements

Fastening elements

The company produces fastening elements for submersible pumps units with fatigue testing: pins, bolts, screws. Pins, bolts have 10.9 quality class, screws — 10 quality class.

Material - steel grades 30ХГСА, 05Х16Н4Д2Б; nickel-base alloy K-500 with high strength and corrosion-resistant properties.

  • hexagon-headed bolt М8-М16;
  • hexagon-headed screw М8-М16 and round head screw with internal hex;
  • pin М8-М16, including combined pin, length 37-70 mm;
  • inch threaded fastening elements.

Other specifications are determined by customer.

Fastening elements made of steel grade 30ХГСА can stand 300 thousands cycles*, fastening elements made of steel grade 05Х16Н4Д2Б can stand more than 1 million cycles*.

* - Number of cycles before breaking during durability testing according to method of Institute of Mechanical Engineering of Russian Academy of Sciences - 059.01.