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Sucker rod

Sucker rod

Sucker-rods string is used for back-and-forth motion translation from a driver to a submersible pump plunger. It is assembled by separate rods, connected by couplings.

Sucker rods are circular bars with upset ends, which have square section and thread. Thread is for rods and couplings connection, and square section is for rod catching by key at threaded connection screwing and unscrewing.

JSC „IOMZ” produces sucker rods 7/8’’ (ШН22), 3/4’’ (ШН19) and 1’’(ШН25) with improved mechanical properties made of different steel grades.

Recovery technology of used sucker rods 7/8’’ (ШН22) and 1’’(ШН25) into sucker rods 3/4’’ (ШН19) and 7/8’’ (ШН22), respectively, was implemented in the plant. The technology allows getting products fully complying with quality standard (GOST 31825-2012) and full working life. The technology provides complete removal of sucker rod head. Length of repaired sucker rods complies with the length of used ones.