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Manufacturing facilities of JSC “IOMZ” provide different types of long-length products metalworking

Услуги по металлообработке

  • Thermal processing of bars

    Thermal processing of bars: hardening, tempering, normalizing, annealing.

    — Ø12-45 mm.
    — length is 2800-11000 mm.

    Thermal processing — hardening and tempering:

    — of hardware made of structural steel grades and high-nickel alloys; 
    — of parts made of structural carbon and alloy steel grades.
  • Centerless bars turning

    Centerless turning of bars or thick-walled round billet:

    — Smin=4 mm;

    — Ø13-75 mm;

    — L=2200-10 500 mm;

    — diameter accuracy 0,1 mm.

  • Bars straightening

    Machine straightening of bars, length 10 500 mm:

    — Ø14-50 mm, curvature is up to 0,15 mm/m;

    — Ø50-75 mm, curvature is up to 0,2 mm/m.

  • Tube straightening

    We can provide machine straightening of tubes by outer diameter within 80-200 and length 4,5-17 m.

    Achieved curvature is up to 0,2 mm depending on billet initial state, surface finish and mechanical properties.

  • Centerless bars grinding

    Centerless grinding of bars and tubes:

    — Ø12-25 mm accurate within 8 quality class, length is up to 12 m;

    — more than Ø25-50 accurate within 9 quality class, length is up to 12 m;

    — more than Ø50-200 accurate within 11 quality class, length is up to 12 m.

  • Shot blasting of tubes on outer surface

    We can provide shot blasting of tubes on outer diameter within outer O range.

    80-200 mm and length 4,5-12 m (excluding oil-treated surfaces).

  • Rough grinding

    Rough grinding of tubes with diameter up to 200 mm, with accuracy up to 12 quality class.

  • Hot open forging with hammers

    Our company has a possibility to manufacture the following production using technology of hot three-dimensional open forging according to GOST 7829-70 "Forgings made of carbon and alloy steel grades being produced with hammers":

    Forgings with elongated axis of circular section from 70 up to 150 mm, with length up to 2000 mm, weighing not more than 200 kg (single-diameter shafts and stepped shafts) Solid forgings of circular and rectangular section from 50 up to 300 mm, weighing not more than 200 kg (blocks, plates, cylinders, disks).

    There is a possibility to produce forgings of the following steel grades: Carbon structural steel grades with heat treatment groups I, II GOST 8479. Carbon alloy steel grades with heat treatment groups I, II GOST 8479.

Shops of the plant are fitted with modern equipment for metalworking, heat treatment and metalforming.


Quality management system certification improves working efficiency of the plant, its competitive ability, and forms image of reliable and stable partner.

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