Innovation technologies plant

Manufacturing facilities

There are 6 (six) production shops in JSC “IOMZ” (total area is about 40 000 m2)

  1. blank production shop;
  2. shop of bars with special surface finish, couplings for shafts connection and fastening elements production;
  3. shop of full range of shafts for electrical submersible pumping system production;
  4. tube shop;
  5. tool shop;
  6. metallurgical shop MSK.

All shops of the plant are tooled up of equipment for metal processing, heat treatment and metal forming:

  • boring-and-turning lathes;
  • turning-and-polishing machines;
  • bandsaw machines;
  • bars machining line;
  • straightening machines suitable for straightening up to 0.2 mm of bars full-length;
  • unique centerless grinding machine, designed by engineers of JSC „IOMZ” on the base of commodity machines, providing high accuracy and high surface finish at long-length bars machining;
  • metal-cutting machines of extra accuracy (turning machines, millers, spline mills, boring machines, screw-cutting machines, etc.).
  • unique bell-type electrical furnace for heat treatment of products 11,5 meters long, providing heat treatment with temperature deviation +/-2,5оC all through the furnace.
  • high-temperature thermomechanical treatment HTMT;
  • cold pilgering mill;
  • tube straightening machine;
  • pipe-threading machine;
  • sizing mill;
  • straightening presses;
  • modern specialized metal testing laboratory.

Production of High-precision bars, Seamless tubes , Shafts for electrical submersible pump units (ESP units), submersible motor, and Sucker rods for oil industry.


Manufacturing facilities of the plant provides different types of long-length products metalworking.