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Engineering industry products

Engineering industry products

Sucker rod pumping unit components

  • Sucker rod Sucker rod

    7/8″ ШН22, 3/4″ ШН19 with improved mechanical properties made of different steel grades. Recovery of used sicker rods 7/8″ ШН22, 1″ ШН25. GOST 51161-2002.

  • Wellhead rod Wellhead rod

    Hollow, D12-45 mm. GOST 31825-2012

Hot open forging with hammers

Components for ESP units, for pressure maintenance pumps and electrical submersible motor pumps

  • Shafts Shafts

    Shafts for electrical submersible pump units (ESP units), submersible motor, gas separators and protectors. Shafts for pumps of reservoir pressure maintenance.

  • High-precision bars (shaft workpiece) High-precision bars (shaft workpiece)

    Long-length peeled, polished with special surface finished. GOST 14955-77, TU 14-1-5518-2005, TU 14-1-5556-2007. Applicable in oil industry for production of shafts for ESP units, gas separators, pumps of reservoir pressure maintenance.

  • Structural tubes Structural tubes

    Cold-rolled tubes made of structural and corrosion-resistant steel grades. TU 14-3-1941-1994.
    Applicable in oil industry.

  • Fastening elements Fastening elements

    For ESP units, ESP: bolts, screws, pins.

  • Couplings for ESP units connection Couplings for ESP units connection

    Splined assembled and solid.

  • Wedge key Wedge key

    Made of structural and corrosion-resistant steel grades. GOST 11850.