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Shafts are produced for oil pumps such as

  • electrical submersible pumps (ESP);
  • submersible motors;
  • gas separators and protectors.

Length of the shafts is up to 11,0 m. Curvature is 0,05-0,07 mm along full-length of the shaft. Shafts are produced with straight-sided, involute and combined splines, O 10-45 mm. We can also produce stepped shafts with diameter up to 100 mm and length up to 1200 mm.

Following patented steel grades are used in shafts production

  • 05Х16Н4Д2Б according to ТУ14-1-5518-2005, yield strength is up to 160 kilogram-force/mm2;
  • 38ХГМФТ according to ТУ14-1-5556-2007 (drill steel), yield strength is up to 120 kilogram-force/mm2;
  • nickel-base alloys with high strength and corrosion-resistant properties such as alloy K500, alloy K625, alloy K718.