Innovation technologies plant


Main stages of enterprise development:


  • New machining centre by Austrian company Emco was put into operation.
  • In metallurgic manufacturing complex continuous casting machine was put into pilot production.


  • Grinding equipment for tool workshop for own production requirements was acquired.
  • Additional production facilities were acquired.
  • Heat tratment area of tool workshop was put into operation.
  • Shaft heat-treating furnace for metal heat treatment was put into operation.
  • The following equipment: carbon and sulfur analyzer and optical emission spectrometer were acquired and put into operation in chemical analysis laboratory of metallurgic manufacturing complex.


  • 15th anniversary of "Izhevsky opytno-mekhanichesky zavod" JSC.
  • CNC combined milling-turning machines mod. FTC-30 for mechanical processing of sucker rods were acquired and put into operation.
  • Five-axis vertical machining center FEELER was put into operation. It is intended for combined machining of complex parts. This center is used for production of tooling for own production requirements.
  • Heat-treating bogie furnace was acquired for heat treatment of workpieces.
  • Additional electric powers were put into effect on the territory of metallurgic manufacturing complex: two new electrical substations were put into operation.


Realization of investment projects:

  • Technical re-equipment of shafts production area for ESP units and electric submersible motors for ESP units (multifunctional machining center by Emco was acquired and put into operation).
  • Development of special complex of steel-melting and deform equipment for high-alloy steels and alloys production (melting furnaces and cross-rolling mill were bought and put into operation).

Development of CNC machines area (new import equipment was bought and put into operation).

Modernization of Kieserling peeling line.

Automatic shot-blasting machine by Siapro was bought and put into operation.


Modification of boring equipment. Start up of new tubes straightening machine.


Start up of new cold pilgering mill. Purchasing of a new tubes straightening machine. Specialists of the plant were granted State Prize of the Udmurt Republic in sphere of science and technology for structural corrosion-resistant tubes prospects.


Foundation of the shop for special-purpose tooling and internal consumption tools production. Development of used sucker rods recovery.


Start up of boring machines № 6 and № 7. Modernization of boring machine № 3 which enabled to machine the tubes of diameter up to 130 mm and length up to 9 meters.


Development and commissioning of press mechanization for tube straightening, tonnage 100 t. Start up of boring machine № 5.


Start up of boring machines № 3 and № 4; increasing of listed products of pump shafts and ESP shafts.


A cold pilgering mill 60-120 was put into commission for high-precision tubes used in ESP units.

The company branched out into making involute splines shafts.


The following equipment was put into commission:

  • Electrical bell-type furnace for heat treatment of bars with length up to 11,5 m
  • Line of high-temperature thermomechanical treatment of metal
  • Mechanical equipment complex for structural tube production

A modern complex, including tensile machine and pulsator, was started in the laboratory. The complex provides statistical tests of shafts and dynamic tests of fastening elements endurance.


Foundation of a shop for ESP shafts production. The company branched out into making couplings for pump sections, and fastening elements made of high-strength steel.


Foundation of a custom shop for high-precision bars production.


A heat-treatment furnace for bars, length 9 meters, was established in the plant. Special-purpose laboratory was founded for complex mechanical metals testing.


The company branched out into making seal section shafts and gas separator shafts. New high-strength stainless steel was developed and introduced into production.


Start up of a line of shafts for electrical submersible pumping system (ESP) production.


IOMZ began its activity with production of high-precision bars — shafts workpieces for electrical submersible pumping system (ESP).

Quality management system certification improves working efficiency of the plant, its competitive ability, and forms image of reliable and stable partner.

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